Alangara Vasalale Lyrics in Tamil

Alangara Vasalale Lyrics / அலங்கார வாசலையே லிரிக்ஸ் – “Alangara Vasalale” is a Tamil Christian devotional song that expresses devotion and gratitude to the Lord. The song acknowledges the blessings received and the joy of entering the presence of the divine.  This article provides a comprehensive overview of the song, delving into its composer, lyricist, meaning, musical arrangement, and vocal performance.

Alangara Vasalale Lyrics in Tamil / அலங்கார வாசலையே லிரிக்ஸ்

அலங்கார வாசலாலே
பிரவேசிக்க வந்து நிற்கிறோம்
தெய்வ வீட்டின் நன்மையாலே,
நிரம்பிட வந்து நிற்கிறோம்

ஆராதிக்க வந்தோம், அன்புகூற வந்தோம்
யெகோவா தேவனையே,
துதித்திட வந்தோம் தொழுதிட வந்தோம்
தூயவர் இயேசுவையே

1. ஆலயம் செல்வதே,
அது மகிழ்ச்சியை தந்திடுதே..
என் சபையுடனே, உமை தொழுதிடவே
கிருபையும் கிடைத்திட்டதே

2. பலி -கலை செலுத்திடவே,
ஜீவ பலியாக மாறிடவே
மருரூபத்தின் இருதயத்தை தந்தீரே,
ஸ்தோத்திரம் ஸ்தோத்திரமே..
சுக ஜீவன் பெலன் நீர் தந்தீரே ஸ்தோத்திரம்
ஸ்தோத்திரமே ..

3. நன்மை செய்தவர்கே – நாங்கள்
நன்றி செலுத்துவோமே,
எம்காணிக்கையை, உம் கரங்களிலே
உற்சாகமாய் விதைக்கிறோமே

4. துதி கணம் மகிமையுமே
முழு-மனதோடு செலுத்தினோமே,
சம்பூரண ஆசிர்வாதங்களால்
திருப்தியை அனுப்பிடுமே

Alangara Vasalale Lyrics in English

alangaara vaasalaalae
piravaesikka vanthu nirkirom
theyva veettin nanmaiyaalae,
nirampida vanthu nirkirom

aaraathikka vanthom, anpukoora vanthom
yekovaa thaevanaiyae,
thuthiththida vanthom tholuthida vanthom
thooyavar Yesuvaiyae

1. aalayam selvathae,
athu makilchchiyai thanthiduthae..
en sapaiyudanae, umai tholuthidavae
kirupaiyum kitaiththittathae

2. pali -kalai seluththidavae,
jeeva paliyaaka maaridavae
maruroopaththin iruthayaththai thantheerae,
sthoththiram sthoththiramae..
suka jeevan pelan neer thantheerae sthoththiram
sthoththiramae ..

3. nanmai seythavarkae – naangal
nanti seluththuvomae,
emkaannikkaiyai, um karangalilae
ursaakamaay vithaikkiromae

4. thuthi kanam makimaiyumae
mulu-manathodu seluththinomae,
sampoorana aasirvaathangalaal
thirupthiyai anuppidumae

Alangara Vasalale Song Meaning

“Alangara Vasalale” encapsulates profound emotions and explores themes of love, yearning, and the joy of togetherness. The lyrics beautifully depict the feelings of a protagonist deeply in love, longing for the presence of their beloved. The song celebrates the beauty and significance of love, expressing the intensity of emotions and the desire for a meaningful connection. It resonates with listeners who have experienced the complexities of love and cherish its transformative power.

Alangara Vasalale
Ornate door
Ornate door
We stand to enter
By the grace of God’s house,
We come to fill up

We came to worship, we came to love
Jehovah God,
We came to praise, we came to pray
Pure Jesus

1. To go to the temple,
May it bring happiness..
With my congregation, I pray to you
Grace has also been received

2. Sacrifice – To offer art,
Become a life sacrifice
You gave the heart of form,
Praise be praise..
Sukha Jeevan Pelan Ne Ne Thee Stothram
Thank you..

3. The Benefactor – We
Thank you,
Put me in your arms
Let’s sow enthusiastically

4. Glory is the moment of praise
With full-heartedness,
By perfect blessings
Please send satisfaction


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Musical Arrangement and Melody of the Song

The musical arrangement and melody of “Alangara Vasalale” are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The composition showcases a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, creating a captivating sonic experience. The use of melodic instruments, rhythmic patterns, and well-orchestrated harmonies adds depth and richness to the song, elevating its emotional impact.

Vocals and Performance in “Alangara Vasalale”

The song “Alangara Vasalale” is brought to life through the mesmerizing vocals and heartfelt performance of the singer. Their emotive rendition captures the essence of the lyrics, conveying the depth of emotions and the nuances of the song’s themes. The singer’s expressive delivery and impeccable control over their voice enhance the overall impact of the song, creating a profound connection with the listeners.

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